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This is my About Page. It's a great opportunity to give you a full background on who I am, what I do, and what my bisuness has to offer. Very Nice to meet you and thank you so much for taking the time to visit and/or work with me!

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My name is Kyle Walker and I'm a native of Birmingham, Alabama. Growing up, like many, I also experienced various ups and downs that definitely shaped my outlook and perspectives of the world. Throughout it all, I developed a strong interest in Psychology, Computer Engineering, Japanese Studies and Dance. This lead me to Morehouse College. Unfortunately financial aid couldn't carry me throughout the remainder of my college career. That, in turn, required me to withdraw from school. I quickly found my way into the Arts, dancing, choreography, teaching movement, artist development and making my way into performing in movies. Although it started too quickly become a strong passion and beautiful experience, I silently pushed through several ups and downs energetically and lost a bit of myself as the years progressed.


In 2017 a dear friend, Torrance Hill, took me to see a Reiki Practitioner for energy work. Since then, I took an interest in this practice and began my path of learning. In mid 2017 I began my training in anatomy, reiki, holistic therapy and energy medicine. This helped me progress relativity fast and discover new methods in this path to be able to help others heal. I received my first certification in 2018 under Dr. Arthur L. Patterson (The same practitioner that worked on me the year before) and took the first year of that time to fully work on perfecting control of my energy and inner engineering. From that point, I've been helping others to experience great healing in their life. I established my business in 2019 and have since been on the path of helping individuals on their personal journey. having several experiences gathered from those I've encountered has also helped me and my business provide the best  services possible. from Atl to miami and forward. plans to help all over the world is afoot. Which brings me here!!!! You're new Holistic Practitioner on the block. Taking time to help others heal and progress forward in life. Hopefully I will have the honor of helping you as well. Once your ready lets talk more. :)

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